Archaeology of Losing Memory





  A site specific
  performance on Teufelsberg
  in Berlin

The performance digs into unpleasant
pasts of the audience members relating
to the material past of the site.

Piled out of Second World War rubble
that covers a Nazi built technical
college, Teufelberg (Devil's hill)
is layered with re-appropriated
materials from the past.

Archaeology of Losing Memory questions
whether traces of unwanted memory
are better destroyed, hidden or
archived. In the course of the performance
the audience is invited to question
choices on dealing with memories they
would like to forget through choosing
to proceed by burning, burying or archiving.

The site continues to arise
controversy as the performance event
had to be officially cancelled
and was instead realised as an
unannounced part of tours of the site.

Devil's Encounter One on Teufelsberg, Berlin, 2014
Month of Performance Art Berlin 2014
Curated by Richard Rabensaat

Images by Eva Smithubert (1)
          Christina Theisen (2-4)

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