Temporarily White

temporarily white cut small IMG_1479 IMG_1473 IMG_1511













   A series of site specific performances
   in Helsinki, 2007-2008, resulting in
   photographs and installation.

After a summer of self-employment working
as a street statue, I had experienced a
new social role where the customary rules
of communication didn't apply.

People commented me in a way that would
have been in-appropriate without for my
skin painted white.
Parents didn't tell their children to
stop pointing at me.
"Look, mum, art", said a child pointing
at me.

I took the statue out on a cold, wet night
next to a construction site. Only two
cyclists passed by looking almost
frightened. I took photos with 10 second
self-timer revealing the process of applying
white paint, finding a place for the pedestal
and finally performing.

The photos were displayed on white thick
backgrounds covered with plaster tape turned
towards each other to create a space where
the viewer could look around and see also
material used in the process: plaster tape
used in a photo setting and white clothes
covered with plaster.

   Laterna Magica gallery, Helsinki, 2008
   Silta gallery, Helsinki, 2008

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