Flow of Effra

sea tooting night cropsea tooting dayflowofeffra

   Flow of Effra
   is a series of site specific performances
   and installation in London
   Silk Worm, The Brick Box Tooting
   Ori Festival, The Brick Box Brixton
   Inspired by the river goddess Oshun
   according to Yoruba tradition.

 The work explores the underground river of
 Brixton, the Effra, which is re-imagined
 through sound and movement, materialized
 by blue plastic bags found at Brixton
 Market. The abandoned material that is
 ubiquitous in Brixton, was turned into an
 artificial element of nature.

 In the end of Ori festival exploring West
 African spirituality, the river was paraded
 through Brixton. Maps of river Effra that
 runs underground on the site of parade were
 handed to audience.

          Events curated by Jacob V Joyce


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