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Listening as Research lecture at Helsinki University, hosted by Femma Planning.

~ Dance for Long Distance Love ~ live streamed dance, event hosted by
L.T. Leif >> documentation

Kaukorakkaudesta text, Ars Moriendi http://arsmoriendi.fi/2020/05/13/1468/


Imagine water rising performance, Huuto gallery, MYÖ exhibition by
Inari Virmakoski and Ilkka Pitkänen

Open Projector night of artists' films, hosted with Joseph Campbell and
Laura Böök at Grey Garden Studios

Keskuspuisto dance performance choreographed in Central Park, Helsinki. Butoh
Festival Helsinki & Grey Garden Studios

Kirstu performance in collaboration with Lauri Jäntti and Inari Virmakoski,
Ars Moriendi Festival, Helsinki

Solar Trace, July 15th 2019 at 16:33 installation, Rajatalo, Keuruu Eco Village

Memories in the Skolt Sámi Area - Notes from a Visiting Artist lecture at
Cambridge University: . Departmental Seminar, Department of Architecture and

Šäigg - Root Echo sound installation on home, roots and culture. In the forest of
Skolt Sámi Heritage House, Sevettijärvi and at Darja's cottage, Nellim, Sápmi.

  In collaboration with Tauno Haltta, Ketri Jefremoff, Hanna-Maaria Kiprianoff,
  Teemu Titola, students and teachers of Sevettijärvi school.
  With: Skolt Sámi Cultural Foundation and Sámi Museum Siida


10.8. & 14.9.
Mermeal performances, in collaboration with Harold Hejazi. Museum of Impossible
Forms, Helsinki

Human Cat Café, International Theatre Festival - Hradec Králóvé, Czech Republic
   Curated by Tereza Silon.
   Performed with: Tereza Vieno Mar, Tereza Silon, Amelie Trahard.

Water Bodies School of Evolution series of events, Whitstable Biennale.
  In collaboration with Sarah Blissett, Zoe Czavda Redo, Rosie Lonsdale,
  Julian Weaver.

   3.6. Open Day at the Water Bodies School of Evolution: Drop-in tasters, Sea
        Cadets' Hall
        School of Evolution: Lecture Performance

   5.6. Water Bodies & Political Animal Reading Group: Critical Swimming, by and
        in the sea https://whitstablebiennale.com/project/water-bodies-political-animal-reading-group-critical-swimming/
Our need for consolation is insatiable, residency / workshops
Hosted by Vision Forum - Per Huttner, Carima Neusser

   Participants in the project: Vanessa Virta, Sara Gurevitsch, Tuuli Malla,
   Emmi Venna, Alex Rosa, Karon Jonson, Ann-Christin Berg Kongsness, Agnes Due,
   Simone Bang Jørgensen, Emil Krog, John Andrew Wilhite, Gry Tingskog and Stine
   Domestic Cat Visits performance: performances at homes in Copenhaguen,
   in collaboration with Human Hotel.

   Site Reading workshop, on the streets of Copenhaguen.
   Collective drift performance at Bennäs railway station and its surroundings.
   Consolation, curation of collective video installation with works by Emil Krog, 
   Per Huttner, Carima Neusser, and Karon Jonson & performance with screening by
   Tuuli Malla, c.off, Stockholm


Waterbabies Dreamboat Cocoon

The water is rising. It is time to do as little as possible.
Dreaming together on a retired lifeboat.
Unison, River Lea, Clapton

Water Bodies at LADA

A mini performance lecture about the wonderful world of
Water Bodies with Zoe Czavda Redo. Photos by Rosie Lonsdale.
LADA - Live Art Development Agency
DIY Picnic where all the artists-to-artists workshops are shared

Empathetic drift / critique of psychogeography

Performance lecture with Anna Kholina and Lauri Jäntti
Art of Research
Aalto-university, Helsinki
paper available at:

Paint-Trace video

A performance video following traces left by painters
in a studio during a residency in which no one was painting
although that is what the place was originally intended for.
A body followed paint, the camera followed the body.
We had heard stories about those who worked in the studio.

In collaboration with William Card
Artisterium, Tbilisi History Museum, Georgia

A gig

Gig at afterparty of Anarchist Book Fair.
Played electric guitar, audience barking.
With Natalie Wearden

Squat Kumma, Helsinki

Maria Inkoo

Gig at FemF.
Between performance art and a band.
Random notes with confidence and human cake baking.
With Shelley Etkin, Zoe Tsavdarides,
Vishnu Vardhani and Natalie Wearden

FemF (Feminist Forum) afterparty,
Cable Factory, Helsinki

Maria Inkoo's instant humanimal band

Improvisation of movement and voice. Letting loose.
Generating words, using insane repetition and finding rhythm.
Discovering Maria Inkoo.

Encountering bodies
Urban Hitchhiking at Pixelache

Workshop focuses on the embodied level of encounters.
What happens in the non-verbal communication when you
offer a stranger the possibility to meet you.

Pixelache festival, Suvilahti, Helsinki

May I dance with you for a while?

An improvisation space, a leaving party, an open
invitation into a gallery space that is like an aquarium
when the night falls.

With Lauri Jäntti

22.9. 15.00
When inspirational methods start to fail

Talking and showing images about social drifting, critique
of male gaze in pyhchogeography. Attempt in non-hierarchical
talk structure, saying no to projections on the wall.

Part of System and Error
Visual Culture and Contemporary Art
Aalto university

Water Bodies evolutionary symposium

Evolving into sea creatures as the water rises.
13 creatures living together, exploring the
transition into aquatic dwelling.
Movement in dry, in pool, in sea.
Walking, reading, talking, thinking.

photo: Rosie Lonsdale

July 2017
Maria Inkoo on tour: Hungary
Played at Bankito Festival
Golyá, Budapest

Humans and dogs, insane repetition.
One spirit in five bodies - Maria Inkoo.

7.7. 18-20.00
Urban Hitchhiking exhibition opening

Urban Hitchhiking applies the idea of traditional hitchhiking
in urban space. Instead of waiting for a ride, the urban
hitchhiker waits for a lift from a fellow walker to share a
moment or two with an occasional passerby.

The installation presents photographs, sound recordings and
maps of routes travelled, which have been gathered during a
hitchhiking period in June 2017. Simultaneously, the installation
is an invitation and a starting point for trying out hitchhiking
for yourself.

Encounter Arts - Tuuli Malla and Lauri Jäntti
HAM-kulma, Helsinki

Urban Hitchhiking panel discussion
Taiga, St Petersburg
Urban Hitchhiking workshop
streets of St Petersburg

with Lauri Jäntti and Katarina Sjöblom
St Petersburg

26.4. 17.00
A letter to a young performance artist from Afghanistan
whose current location is unknown.

Writing a letter to a lost collaborator who went missing
before the collaboration started, with Farsi
interpretation by Mohammad Javid.

thanks to Amir Jan
Stop Deportations event hosted by Liina Kuittinen
Vapaan taiteen tila, Helsinki

25.4. 19.00
I am a Cat

   Three bodies with two ways:
   Two are being cats.
   One moves in slow motion through nine
   representations of cats in history of art.

photos: Benedict Johnson, Nahmad Projects

with Shelley Etkin, Mira Kautto
PERFO! Beginner's Night hosted by Leena Kela
Telakka, Tampere, Finland

8.4. 12.00
Urban Hitchhiking

As opposed to traditional hitchhiking, you wait
for the company of a fellow walker.
No previous experience needed.
We provide the signs, you bring yourselves.
Rest will follow. We'll help you to get started.

in collaboration with Lauri Jäntti
Lappeenranta library, Finland, near Russia


Residency at Ricklundgården
open house on 23.2.
   Snow happening
   photographs by Grace Gelder

   Paint-trace performance video
   with William Card

   I am just a visitor - Dancing memories
   in collaboration with residents of Saxnäs,
   Marshfjäll, Klimpfjäll
   photographs by Grace Gelder

photo: Grace Gelder

Ricklundgården, Saxnäs, Sápmi

I am just a visitor, Saxnäs
   Story told by Gerd Ulander, movent responding to
   the story after hearing it for the first time.

Nordic Summer University symposium
Ricklundgården, Saxnäs, Sápmi

21.1. 12.00
Urban Hitchhiking

   Lifting up a thumb and joining a stranger for
   a walk. Encountering, following. Participants
   get a sign for hitchhiking too.

In collaboration with Lauri Jäntti.

Kiasma, Helsinki


Into the Emptiness: The Art of Walking

   Performing in
   Marie Gabrielle Rotie's
   Into the Emptiness: The Art of Walking -
   a lecture/demonstration

Performance Research Forum
Goldsmiths College: George Wood Theatre


image: Rotie - Wake Butterfly, it's late,
we've got miles to go together

Maria Inkoo - Our First Gig

   Three songs, non-binary girlband,
   Humans and Dogs, compatable species
   - companion species. Thank you Donna
   Haraway. With Sian Youngerman.

The Batcave
Experience Bar, Brixton, London


Hat Party

   Video projections of performances
   made during MA in Performance Making.
   Performance by Ignacio Perez. All the
   guests wearing hats to celebrate Master's

Galleria Kajaste, Helsinki


Nice to meet you, plant

   Improvised performance with available
   house plants with a prologue from a
   plant documentary.

Saskia's livingroom, London


image: BBC How Plants Communicate
       and Think

Nice to meet you, rock

   Performing with geology of Iceland
   in collaboration with volcano researcher
   Uta Reichardt.

Embassy of Rockall, Reykjavik
Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 13.38.36

image: The Travelling Embassy of Rockall

Saga Residency, Eyrarbakki - Iceland

   Collaboration with residents of Eyrarbakki,
   a small fishing town in South Iceland.
   - Under the table dinner in collaboration
     with Arnar Ingvarsson and Halldóra Mark
   - I am just a visitor, meeting with strangers

saga residency

image: Saga Residency

3.7. and 8.7.
I am NOT Tino Sehgal - I am a cat
   A durational choreography for three bodies asks:
   What is the potential of inhabiting non-human movement
   vocabulary? Come join cats throughout history of art.

   11am-5pm on 3rd July
   noon-6pm on 8th July
   2 Cork Street, Nahmad Projects gallery

I am a cat

images: Benedict Johnson

22.6. and 22.6.
The Way It Melts
  A sound and movement composition in Ravensbourne River.
  In collaboration with Dominika Kieruzel.

   Walking with the stream
   Stones breath still with the shadows
   Time screams into past

In mythology rivers mark a coming together of realms.
The other side is unknown to us. A guide only knows the way so far,
then their words fail. Objects speak as the water moves on.
The river is a procession.
Ladywell Fields, London
The Masters Festival - times and booking:


Playing Up
   A game of Live Art by Sibylle Petersen
   Assisting with DIY performance based on history of live art

Tate Modern, London
playing up

image: Playing Up

Root Echo (Juurikaiku)

 Sound installation - acoustic sculptures
 with voices telling about home, roots
 and Sami culture. Seven birch wood pieces.
 In collaboration with narrators.
 Woodwork: UUP - Yoshimasa Yamada
   Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki

juurikaiku blur kuva

23.1. 18.30
Improvisation for a room
  Movement performance with photographs responding to the space of
  the Finnish Church in London
  Rotherite, London
  Organised by Bilingual Potential

Bilingual Potential - Minna Rossi -109

Seeing the shadow of the wind

  A performance video about drifting
  with the wind.
  Filmed at various locations by the
  sea and in the urban, sensing the
  shadow of the wind.
  In collaboration with Jaime Culebro
  and Marcel Jaentschke

banana republic drifting with wind

Presentación del libro 'Anotaciones a la Banana Republic'
   Kino 13, Katajanokka
   Kanavakatu 12, 00160 Helsinki

Can you see what I see?
Suvilahti Do you see what I see 2A performative journey into someone else's
Explorations on details around us that start
performing for us. All participants are part
of the audience as well as performers.
   Konttori 7, Suvilahti, Helsinki

Root Echo (Juurikaiku)

An outdoors sound installation on
home, roots and Sami identity in
Helsinki. Seven recorded voices and
acoustic sculptures made out of
birch wood.
In collaboration with narrators
Woodwork by UUP: Yoshimasa Yamada
   Töölö Bay park, Helsinki


26.6. and 28.6. 12.00-18.00
Colour of Hospitality (Vieraanvaraisuuden väri)
- Metro performance
Orange is the iconic colour of Helsinki metro and the colour
of hospitality. Encounters with strangers. Excellent
service for all passengers equally.
In collaboration with Lauri Jäntti, David Frankovich, Heru
Raha, Manolo Casagrande, Mark Lepre, Vishnu Vardhani
   Helsinki metro
   Taidelinja art program for public transport

Marks of time in space

Site specific performance for a black box
studio space. Improvised movement follows
scratches on the floor - inspired by Butoh
practice and dialogues with stones.
  Live Art and Performance Studies Festival
  Theatre Academy, Helsinki

17.5. - times organised with participants
Workshop for a site-specific sound installation
on roots and home, sami culture and urban life
  Töölönlahti, Helsinki

6.3. 7pm till late
Identity Construction: part 4
Installation and one-on-one performance on
identity politics
  Carnival Revolution, London

19.2. 20.00-23.00
Alphabet Blocks for Adults: part 2
Interactive installation on identity labels
  Kettulavatanssit Goes Queer
  Pacifico, Helsinginkatu 15, Helsinki


24.1. 16.15-18.00
(Kaupunki)saamelaisia mielenmaisemia
Työpaja / Workshop on urban Sami landscapes
  Kulttuurikeskus Caisa, Helsinki
Radio interview: http://areena.yle.fi/radio/2623997/

Identity Construction (part 3: untitled)
Installation and one-on-one performance
  Mad House Helsinki, Suvilahti


Curation and photo installation
"Second exposure"
Performances and installations by six artists
  1-3pm by the Thames in front of OXO Tower
For more details, click on the flyer:

decay flyer

Prisms of Isis summer tour
Site specific dance performances
around the UK

Archaeology of Loosing Memory
Site specific participatory performance:
Rituals for awkward memories
  Month of Performance Art - Devil's Encounter One
  Teufelsberg, Berlin
Devils Hill2

14.5. 7pm
The Barrier Block
Documentary screening
  Art Nouveau, 77 Atlantic road SW9 8PU London

4.5. 7pm
Pushed Back to Sea
An immersive performance on migration to Italy
In collaboration with Ivana Antonica
  Art Nouveau, 77 Atlantic road SW9 8PU London

Wandering in Hackney Wick
Photography and site writing
on narratives of place


The Barrier Block
Documentary screening
  Various venues in London and Helsinki

Artist in residency
Participatory installation and performance
  Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo

Stories by Effra River
Performance and plastic river installation
  Wandsworth Arts Festival, The Brick Box, London

An Identity Construction Site
(part 2: blank canvas)
Installation and one-on-one performance
  Say It Again exhibition, Art Nouveau, London

An Identity Construction Site
(part 1: Eastern Europe)
Installation and one-on-one performance
  School of Eastern European Studies
  book launch event, UCL, London


Flow of Effra River
Performance and plastic river installation
  ORI exhibition and festival, The Brick Box, London

Human Marionette
Interactive performance with Tereza Silonova and Ben Sellers
  Brixton Village, The Brick Box, London
  and Caledonian Road, Cally Festival, London

Forest of Animals 
Animal sculptures made out of wire and natural materials
at Secret Garden Party, Artful Badger, London

Prisms of Isis
Dance performance: contemporary and traditional oriental dance
choreography by Hannah Chalut
at Secret Garden Party
and Buddha Fields

A Sea of Plastic (related to Flow of Effra)
Plastic sea installation
  Silk Work event, The Brick Box, London

Tooting Futures
Direction of collaborative work with Ernest Bevin College
Shadow theatre performance
  Tooting Market, The Brick Box, London


On Swimming and Super Markets
Photography installation
  The Brick Box Tooting, London
  The Brick Box Brixton, London

Inuit Refugee Camp
An igloo, plastic and wire installation
  Brixton Village, The Brick Box, London


Bunny Eaten by a Duck
T-shirt prints
Sold in Edinburgh and Helsinki


Blood Circulation (Verenkierto)
Contemporary dance solo, dance diploma
  Kallio School of Art (Kallion ilmaisutaidon lukio),


Temporarily White (Väliaiakaisesti valkoinen)
Series of performances resulting in a photography
  Kaiku galleria, Helsinki
  Laterna Magica, Helsinki


Street statue on The Esplanade in Helsinki

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