Tuuli has strong experience is facilitating workshops
on material making as well as more more abstract,
performative experiences. The latter deals with place,
perception, psychogeographical mapping and drifting.
The workshops have taken place in contexts of community
groups, art events and university education.

The key thought is to treat participants as artists
with equally valid perspectives and ways of finding
a way in the new environment that the workshop


Suvilahti do you see what I see Suvilahti Do you see what I see 2

 Can you see what I see?
 A workshop and performance where participants
 perform and make places perform with them.

The workshop is a  journey into experience of the
other. Together we try to see through the eyes of another
person. Let a stranger take you to their world of details around
us. The insignificant can open up  a universe of memories.
Images: David Frankowich
Konttori 7, Suvilahti, Helsinki, 2015

A version performed as past of Urban Studies Summer School
at Helsinki University, 2015

 Picture 3
 Tooting Futures, 2012, London.
 A Brick Box project with students of Ernest Bevin
 College celebrating different identities through
 illustrating poems dealing with refugee experiences.
 The students gained confidence and expressed an incredible
 creative potential in the course of the shadow theatre
Picture 5workshops that resulted in a performance at Tooting Market
as part of a community event.
Images: still from video by Mark Joyce

KT84816 Vegetable hats
 Festival visitors of all ages have come together to make
 edible, sustainable fashion out of cabbage, peppers and
 other tasty ingredients.
 Concept developed in collaboration with Leyla Lazer Flash
 for an ironic Brick Box pique nique at Wandsworth Arts Festival,
 Image: Benjamin Mole at Surbiton Food Festival, 2014


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