I am just a visitor – Eyrarbakki















 I am just a visitor - Eyrarbakki
 2016 Saga Residency, Eyrarbakki, Iceland
 In collaboration with Scott Shigeoka and residents of Eyrarbakki

 The performance is inspired by the tradition of psychogeographical drift.
 Instead of relying on internal impulses for way-finding the randomness of
 the drift is created by encounters with strangers. They point towards the
 next part of the journey. I saw a photograph of fishermen before the lava
 made the coast too shallow for boats to come to shore. They wore identical
 hats and I was wondering if I could wear one too. Siggeir lent me his.
 I was honoured to feel part of the history and the journey started.
 I am just a visitor.

 "Where am I?"
 We spoke about memories, hospitality, travels.
 In the end you told me who to meet next.
 I climbed up a hill to trace my sightline back to the place where we spoke,
 looking out for that window through which you pointed at the brown house
 between the two trees.

 Thank you to everyone along the way.
 Photos, map and pieces of stories exhibited at Stadur, Eyrarbakki